Nacho Daddy - Downtown

Job 164399 - Assistant General Manager
Las Vegas, NV

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Job Details

Location: Las Vegas, NV
Employment Type: Full-Time
Salary: Competitive

Job Description

I. Position Summary

Oversee all areas of the restaurant and make executive decisions when General Manager is not present

II. Job Functions

·       Completing and analyzing liquor and beer inventories

·       Knowledge of all menu items and ingredients

·       Ability to make all bar drinks

·       Ability to properly discipline FOH tribe members

·       Creating and adjusting server and bartender schedules

·       Approving and denying swaps and request offs in HotSchedules

·       Updating and completing weekly smallware orders and inventories

·       Ability to interview potential new FOH tribe members

·       Updating and completing weekly bar orders

·       Analyzing bar cost and adjusting pricing as needed

·       Interacting and maintaining good relationships/communication with all liquor reps and commissary

·       Overseeing and managing all areas of the restaurant

·       Analyzing daily operations to provide suggestions on how to improve daily functionality 

·       Ensuring financials such as invoices, payroll, and reporting are completed accurately

·       Knowledge of P&L statement

·       Completing monthly inventories and estimating food and beverage costs

·       Estimating product needs and placing orders with distributors

·       Providing and implementing ideas on how to increase sales

·       Providing strong presence in local community involvement by restaurant and personnel

·       Ability to help Assistant Manager 1 resolve issues

·       Making executive decisions when General Manager is not available

·       Knowledge of purveyors and their contact information (food & beverage, maintenance, etc.)

·       Managing all parties and working alongside Marketing as needed

Ability to full execute all Assistant Manager 1 tasks:

·       Ability to open and close all restaurants

·       Understanding and utilizing the BLAST system

·       Controlling FOH labor by cutting employees at appropriate times

·       Running and analyzing labor reports

·       Running and analyzing daily sales reports

·       Running and analyzing employee performance reports

·       Ability to give refunds

·       Ability to properly use all discount buttons

·       Running and analyzing discount reports

·       Running credit card batch

·       Balancing banks and cash out reports

·       Taking deposits to bank and getting change

·       Ability to train tribe members on how to follow back up credit card authorization policy

·       Maintaining and adjusting hostess & server assistant scheduling

·       Understanding Nevada time regulations to avoid overtime and schedule properly

·       Updating and completing weekly retail orders and inventory

·       Ability to recite and exemplify core values and brand pillars

·       Ensuring delivery of amazing experiences

o   Scorpion shot bell

o   Ambiance (lighting, temperature/understanding of heating and cooling, music level, etc.)

o   Position numbers in delivery of food 

·       Analyzing guest feedback and providing direction to continuously improve guest experience including table touching

·       Coaching service staff to respond to guests’ needs and anticipate unstated needs

·       Listening to and resolve guests’ complaints including the social reviews on Yelp, Facebook, Google, Trip Advisor, etc.

·       Coordinating and coaching communication between guests and staff

·       Coaching and managing service team to ensure all service standards are met, including pre-shift meetings twice a day

·       Responding to compliments and complaints

·       Ability to update all certifications in HotSchedules

·       Completing daily sanitation and temperature logs

·       Ability to efficiently expedite kitchen orders

·       Ability to reset all computers and systems in case of system failure

·       Adding, deleting, and modifying Digital Red Book task lists

·       Ability to complete the new hire process and set employees up for orientation

·       Completing training packets with all new employees

·       Completing daily checks to ensure all city codes are met

·       Keeping and maintaining records for Everclean, Orkin, & SNHD

·       Ensuring cleanliness of restaurant, bar, restrooms, side stations, and kitchen

·       Creating and executing action plan for any sanitation fall backs

·       Maintaining server cleaning and sidework

·       Ability to fully manage control play, T.V., and video system

·       Maintaining and responding to e-mail, slack, working marketing/operations calendar

·       Ensuring invoices are ready to give to the commissary driver 



III. Job Requirements

·       Must have current Health Card, TAM Card, Sheriffs Card, and ServSafe

·       Must be able to attain keyholder status

·       Minimum 2 years’ experience in restaurant management preferred

·       Must have knowledge of Microsoft Office and POS systems

·       Must be able to stand and walk for 10-12 hours in a fast-paced, crowded, and noisy environment including nights, weekends, and holidays

·       Must complete the menu test with 90% proficiency or higher

·       Must pass bar test

·       Passing knife safety test

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