Nacho Daddy - Downtown

Job 160797 - Dishwasher
Las Vegas, NV

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Job Details

Location: Las Vegas, NV
Employment Type: Full-Time
Salary: Competitive

Job Description

I. Position Summary

Ensuring the dish room and all kitchen equipment is sanitized properly and organized efficiently.  Being the safety & sanitation ambassador for back of house.

II. Job Functions

·       Opening and closing dish room

·       Checking trash cans, emptying, relining and hauling trash to dumpsters at designated times

·       Restocking paper towels and soap in the restaurant

·       Maintaining adequate levels of dish detergents and cleaning supplies

·       Ensuring sanitizer buckets are placed at correct stations, changed every 2-4 hours and in accordance with health code – checking sanitizer solution before it goes in buckets

·       Stocking cook’s lines throughout the day and night with cleaned dishes

·       Storing clean dishes away in correct storage area and on racks

·       Handling tableware and dishes carefully to prevent breakage and loss

·       Cleaning dishes of debris before putting them in the dish machine or 3 compartment sink

·       Loading, running, unloading, and maintaining clean dish machine

o   Disassembling dish machine to clean and ensure soap and solution are stocked

o   Checking water and draining dish machine every few hours

o   Emptying grates, putting in lime away solution and soap

o   Re-assembling dish machine

o   Preparing temperature logs for dish machine in am and pm to ensure sanitary wash cycle

·       Filling 3 compartment sink with soap, water, and sanitizer solution and changing as needed

·       Ensuring clean and organized dish room and food preparation and production areas

·       Sweeping, mopping, and wiping down counters in BOH

·       Assisting with unloading and storing of commissary delivery items

·       Assisting with portioning of items for prep purposes  

·       Knowledge of labeling and freshness dates

·       Being available to fill in as needed to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the restaurant as directed by the restaurant manager or immediate supervisor (helping cooks or lead cook, when needed)

·       Being fully aware of safety and sanitation in accordance to SNHD and company policies

·       Maintaining clean outside area 


III. Job Requirements:

·       Must have a current Food Handler’s Safety Card

·       Ability to perform quickly and efficiently in a fast-paced work environment

·       6 months of experience in hospitality/dining preferred

·       Able to lift, reach, bend, climb, and stoop

·       Ability to stand for at least 8 hours in hot, wet, humid and loud environments

·       Ability to safely lift bags, cases, and stacks weighing up to 60 pounds up to 30 times per shift

·       Must be able to communicate clearly with managers and kitchen personnel  

·       Compliance to any reasonable request by management 

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