Nacho Daddy - Downtown

Job 161799 - Server Assistant
Las Vegas, NV

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Job Details

Location: Las Vegas, NV
Employment Type: Part-Time
Salary: Competitive

Job Description


I. Position Summary

Offering versatility to help in any area of the restaurant to make the progression of service smoother and more efficient while maintaining high quality service

II. Job Functions  

·       Delivering exceptional guest service by quickly and efficiently cleaning tables and carrying dishes to the kitchen for washing

·       Providing excellent service when delivering food to each guest and getting additional items quickly and efficiently

·       Understanding and utilization of table and seat numbers

·       Assisting with setup, cleanup, prep work, and equipment maintenance of the service station, expo line, bar staff

o   Cleaning and resetting tables  

o   Emptying bus tubs, pre-bussing and bussing, filing ice

o   Running food

o   Washing dishes, bar glasses

o   Changing kegs

o   Stocking liquor, beer bottles, glasses, side plates, napkins

o   Cleaning chairs, booths, and floor as needed

o   Inspecting and cleaning restroom as needed

o   Cleaning surfaces with a sanitized towel in accordance to SNHD and company policy

o   Daily deep cleaning tasks

·       Labeling prepared food and understanding of labeling and day dotting

·       Assisting in To-Go and Delivery orders placement, packaging, and delivery

·       Understanding and utilization of POS functions

·       Ability to maintain an accurate bank 


III. Job Requirements  

·       Must be at least 18 years of age

·       A current Food Handler’s Safety Card and TAM Card

·       1-year experience in food service/hospitality preferred

·       Must have basic knowledge of the hospitality industry and focused on exceptional guest service

·       Experience in a night life setting is preferred

·       Must have a well groomed disposition to make a favorable impression

·       Ability to bend, twist, and stand to perform normal job functions

·       Ability to speak, read, comprehend, and converse comfortably with guests in English

·       Must be able to stand, walk, carry food long distances for up to at least 8 hours with minimal break time in fast-paced, crowded, and noisy work environments

·       At times, must be able to lift at least 50 pounds off the ground

·       Must be able to maneuver through the restaurant and tables

·       Accurate math/cash handling skills

·       Compliance to any reasonable request by management

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